World Fragile X Day • Raising Fragile X Awareness on July 22

World Fragile X Day raises awareness and highlights progress of research for Fragile X syndrome


July 22, 2024

Every year on July 22, FRAXA Research Foundation and partners celebrate World Fragile X Day with communities around the world. Join Us!

World Fragile X Day celebrates families impacted by Fragile X and highlights advancements of research to find effective treatments and ultimately a cure. On World Fragile X Day we shine a light on Fragile X by illuminating monuments and landmarks around the world. We gather with friends and family to celebrate loved ones who shine in the face of Fragile X. FRAXA launched World Fragile X Day in 2021.

As the most common inherited single gene cause of autism, Fragile X is the best key we have to solving autism. Treatments for Fragile X are also likely to help people who have Alzheimer’s or other brain disorders.

Join Us: Raise Fragile X Awareness

World Fragile X Day is for everyone. No event or activity is too small to help raise awareness. All are welcome to participate and join in the fun!

Canada 22

Ways You Can Help

  • Spread the word about World Fragile X Day on social media.
  • Organize a “Learn about Fragile X” event in schools, in your community, or through online platforms.
  • Share your story with local TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, and other media outlets.

Fragile X Research Progress

What will effective treatments or a cure for Fragile X look like? It’s a question we all ask at some point. Will it be a pill taken every day for life? Will it be combinations of medicines, tailored to each individual? Will it be a protein replacement injection once a week? Will it be a one-time gene therapy infusion that fixes every cell in the body at the same instant?

The answer is probably all of the above. Effective treatments and a cure for Fragile X isn’t a pipe dream. It’s a process, and FRAXA Research Foundation is right in the thick of it.